About program

The development of digital competences among Polish entrepreneurs, the increase in the level of protection in the SME sector and the stability of economic transactions in the country, as well as the dissemination and implementation of a new cybersecurity standard in companies – these are just some of the benefits of the Cybersafe Company program. Its pilot phase has just begun.
From July to December 2023, a trial series of activities will be carried out for interested entrepreneurs. The second stage will take place after analyzing the results of the pilot, optimizing activities and adapting them to the needs of Polish companies.
Objectives of the Digital Safe Company program
  • Development of digital competencies among Polish entrepreneurs, Development of digital competencies among Polish entrepreneurs, with a special focus on cybersecurity
  • Raising the level of SME security and the stability of economic turnover in Poland.
  • Promotion and implementation of a new cybersecurity standard in companies.
Cybersafe Company program
This is a certification program in the field of cybersecurity aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises.
3 stages of the program:
  • Diagnosis – verification of the company’s cybersecurity and digital skills through a survey.
  • Education on digital security and digital services – assessing the company’s strengths and weaknesses and providing tasks to be carried out in the form of a personalized guide.
  • Improvement – based on the tasks described in the guide, the entrepreneur makes changes and introduces security measures in his company.
After introducing the necessary changes, the entrepreneur reports his readiness for certification to the NASK Certification Unit. After verification, they can obtain a certificate of a Cyber Safe Company and the right to publicly use the appropriate designation.
A Cybersafe Company is a certificate for a company that consciously utilizes the possibilities of modern digital services. It responsibly ensures the security of its business as well as its partners and customers.
The Fundamentals of Business Cybersecurity program consists of two components – educational and certification. Participation in the educational stage – from the diagnosis (along with obtaining an individual report) to improving competences – is free of charge. A paid, although optional, component of the process is the granting and issuing of the “Fundamentals of Business Cybersecurity” certificate, which confirms the security and digital competences of your company.
Do you want to take part in the pilot program?
What will you gain thanks to the program?
  • Better protect your enterprise against cyber threats and attacks from the Internet.
  • Verify whether basic cybersecurity principles are applied in the company.
  • Implement secure passwords and necessary hardware and software registries.
  • Learn more about using cloud services safely.
  • Safeguard electronic company services – enhance protection against spam and phishing attempts.
  • Learn how to use electronic identification methods correctly, such as trusted profiles and the mObywatel application.
  • Learn more about public administration e-services.
  • Obtain the Certificate of a Cybersafe Company.